Starting Karate

Kanku Martial Arts SymbolKarate

Karate is a martial art, a type of self-defence, from Japan. This is why the counting, names, and commands are in Japanese. Some students will find some bits easy and other bits not so easy. But it is possible for everybody to do karate, it just takes time, practice, and most of all commitment in regular training and attendance.

Clothing & Equipment

When you first start karate you can wear tracksuit bottoms and T shirt, karate is practiced in bare feet. If you find that you enjoy karate and intend to stay at the club you should wear a karate suit. These are normally available from your instructor. There are also a wide range of books, punch bags and karate equipment available.

Belts & Competitions

There are regular tests every three months that are called gradings. If students wants to get their different coloured karate belts then they can take part. The colours of the belts are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Brown, and then Black. It can take 5 to 8 years to get to black belt. There are regular competitions held locally where it is possible to win medals and trophies.

Summer Camp and Christmas

In the summer we hold a local Summer Camp at Kearsney, near Dover. This has been successful event for the the past 10 years for all students. Lots of karate, food and fun! At Christmas there is a Christmas party for the children, and a Christmas party for the adult students and parents of the junior students.

Forms You Need

Click here to download the forms you need to fill out to start your karate classes.
Student Details
Click here * All new students must fill in this form; details and emergency contact numbers etc are added to our register and database
Membership and Licence application
Click here * All new students need to apply for a licence no longer than 4 weeks after commencing training.

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